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Tue, 17 Oct 2017 07:04:22 GMT
Australia rejects chief scientist's clean energy proposal A recommendation by the nation's chief scientist is overlooked for a plan "to keep the lights on".
Philippines military 'kills Islamist Isnilon Hapilon' Isnilon Hapilon was seen as IS's leader in southeast Asia, and was on the US "most wanted" list.
China congress: Why Beijing has banned hot air balloons China is on high alert ahead of its Communist Party congress - and all sorts of things are banned.
Australia launches revenge porn reporting tool One in five Australians have been victims of image-based abuse, but very few report the offence.
US soldier pleads guilty to desertion The 31-year-old US Army sergeant tells the court his conduct was "very inexcusable".
Philippines strike: Filipinos rally around iconic jeepney drivers Filippinos are rallying to support drivers of the iconic jeepney over a controversial transport plan.
Australia risks 'chipping away' at gun laws, ex-deputy PM says An architect of strict measures warns against importing "poisonous policies" from the US.
UK TV drama about North Korea hit by cyber-attack The TV series Opposite Number was cancelled following a cyber-attack in 2014.
Indian politician: 'Taj Mahal built by traitors' A controversial ruling BJP legislator calls the Taj Mahal a "blot on Indian culture" built by "traitors".
AirAsia flight returns to Perth after mid-air scare Video shows passengers on the flight from Australia to Indonesia being told to "get down".
New Zealand faces 'chipocalypse' as farmers warn of crisps shortage Potato varieties used to make crisps could be in short supply after a wet season hit farmers hard.
Lisa Wilkinson: Top Australian presenter quits in 'equal pay row' Lisa Wilkinson says she is leaving because the Nine Network has not "met her expectations".
Sri Lanka to make final decision on playing in Pakistan on Monday Sri Lanka will decide on Monday whether to play in Pakistan for the first time since the 2009 attack on their team bus in Lahore.
New Zealand town funds its own petrol station Residents fed up with a two-hour drive to buy fuel decide to take matters into their own hands.
Aerial footage as Rohingya flee Myanmar Drone footage supplied by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees shows thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar on Monday.
Drones used to spot sharks in Australia Drones become the latest weapon to protect swimmers and surfers from shark attacks.
The poison killing farmers in India Thirty farmers die from inhaling pesticide while spraying crops in the western state of Maharashtra.
Philippines says IS-linked militants in Marawi are making 'last stand' The army is working to flush out 40 remaining IS-linked fighters from the southern city of Marawi.
Stuck in court India's top court will decide if the couple, both in their 20s, should remain married or not.
Seeing red The BBC's Stephen McDonell examines China's clampdown on free speech ahead of the party congress.
'Good women' Pakistan is a country of stark contrasts, and when it comes to the treatment of women, they are even clearer, writes the BBC's Shumaila Jaffery.
In five charts China has become richer and more powerful, but what does this mean for the ordinary Chinese family?
Made in Japan The industrial crisis at Kobe Steel is deepening but some warn it won’t be the last Japanese business scandal.
Turning of the tide There is uneasiness among Muslims in Myanmar following the latest violence in Rakhine state.
'Thrice-cursed!' What does North Korea mean when it says someone is thrice-cursed?
Cricket in America Could a new generation of immigrants help cricket finally crack America?
Landmark vote As Kyrgyzstan's president prepares to hand over power, observers fear democracy is deteriorating.
The gardeners of Kabul Mr and Mrs Omari braved bombs and gunfire to tend to their beloved garden.
'Mega Rehab' Life inside the Philippines facility for addicts caught up in President Duterte's war on drugs.
High philanthropy Kiran Patel's gift to a Florida university is a new high in philanthropy by Indian-Americans.
A fatal tradition? With soaring rates of mouth cancer, PNG is struggling to control its people's addiction to betel nut.
Maximum city Sooni Taraporevala chronicles one of India's most diverse and intriguing cities.
Following the money China was recently a foreign aid recipient but now rivals the US as the world's largest donor, research shows.
Two sisters, a mountain trek and a wobbly wire bridge Two sisters, a perilous mountain trek and a wobbly wire bridge - high in the Indian Himalayas.
Bamboo-stick war The BBC's Jonathan Head finds out if poorly-equipped Rohingya militants are a force to be reckoned with.
100 Women In one of India's poorest states, a woman is trying to change how her village sees contraception.
Grassroots excitement The possibility of the Socceroos playing in another World Cup is adding to grassroots excitement.
Twitter foot soldiers? Critics say the question is not what the prime minister is tweeting, but what he is reading.
Baby Lifesaver This Bangladeshi doctor who turned a shampoo bottle into a low-cost lifesaver
Numbers game A dual citizen saga may threaten its parliamentary majority, but that prospect is not terminal.
What Rohingya crisis? In Yangon, news of the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar's western region of Rakhine is largely untold.