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Mon, 21 Oct 2019 16:18:23 +0530
U.S. troops cross into Iraq as part of withdrawal from Syria
U.S. troops crossed into Iraq early on Monday, part of a withdrawal from northeast Syria ordered by President Donald Trump that opened the way for Turkish troops to launch an offensive against Kurdish fighters in the area.
U.S. soldiers who fought alongside Kurds blast Trump's Syria retreat
In the summer of 2004, U.S. soldier Greg Walker drove to a checkpoint just outside of Baghdad's Green Zone with his Kurdish bodyguard, Azaz. When he stepped out of his SUV, three Iraqi guards turned him around at gunpoint.
Hong Kong leader apologises after mosque hit by police water cannon
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam apologised to the city's Muslim community on Monday after police fired a water cannon at a major mosque during operations on Sunday night to quell violent pro-democracy protests in the Asian financial hub.
Pentagon chief says keeping some troops in northeastern Syria under discussion
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Monday that keeping some U.S. troops in parts of northeastern Syria near oilfields with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to ensure the oil did not fall into the hand of Islamic State or others was one of the options that was being discussed, but no decision had been made.
Apology accepted, Hong Kong's Muslims lament water cannon staining mosque
Municipal workers scrubbed away noxious blue dye from the steps of Hong Kong's biggest mosque on Monday, while Muslim worshippers expressed frustration over police firing a water cannon outside the mosque during a large anti-government march.
Erdogan says to take next steps in Syria after meeting Putin
President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday Turkey would take "necessary" further steps in northeastern Syria after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, the day that a five-day Washington-brokered ceasefire expires.
Shami wrecks South Africa after India enforce follow-on
India subjected South Africa to the ignominy of a follow-on for the second test in a row and then reduced them to 26 for four wickets in the third and final test to inch towards a series whitewash on Monday.
Lion Air 737 MAX families set for crash report briefing
Indonesia plans to share a final report into a deadly Boeing Co 737 MAX crash with the families of victims on Wednesday, according to a spokesman for the country's air accident investigator.
Lebanon set to cut ministers' pay as protests engulf country
Lebanon's cabinet is expected to approve reforms including halving ministers' wages on Monday in a bid to ease an economic crisis and defuse protests that have been the biggest show of dissent against the ruling elite in decades.
Lebanon's Aoun: protests show 'people's pain', corruption charges not all fair
Lebanon's President Michel Aoun said on Monday that protests gripping the country showed "people's pain" but that accusing all politicians of corruption equally was not fair.
Seconds of violence in Hong Kong - then hours of verification
The policeman raises his pistol in a melee of protesters, the gun barrel flashes and a young man falls onto his back clutching his chest – 60 seconds of video caught on camera at the height of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.
Handful of golfers tee off in Mt Everest tournament in bad weather
A high-altitude golf tournament in the shadow of Nepal's Mount Everest had to be called off over the weekend as most of the players could not fly in due to heavy cloud cover, its organiser said on Monday, though a few golfers managed a quick game.
Rich Chinese outnumber wealthy Americans for first time - Credit Suisse
The number of rich Chinese has surpassed the count of wealthy Americans for the first time as both countries keep churning out millionaires, a study by Credit Suisse showed.
Bolivia's Morales confident of election win despite count suggesting a run-off
Bolivian President Evo Morales shrugged off an early vote count showing Sunday's election heading for a second round run-off, saying he was confident that uncounted rural votes would help propel him to an outright victory and congressional majority.
China's defence minister says resolving 'Taiwan question' is national priority
China's defence minister, Wei Fenghe, said on Monday that resolving the "Taiwan question" is his country's "greatest national interest", and that no force could prevent China's "reunification".
EU plays for time as Johnson spars with UK parliament on Brexit
The European Union will play for time rather than rush to decide on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's reluctant request to delay Brexit again, diplomats with the bloc said after a 15-minute meeting on Sunday.
Explainer: What happens next after UK PM Johnson writes Brexit delay letter?
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent an unsigned letter to the European Union requesting a delay to Britain's exit from the bloc, as well as a second note saying he did not want a "deeply corrosive" Brexit extension.
EU will delay Brexit until February if Johnson fails to ratify deal this week - The Sunday Times
The Sunday Times has reported that the European Union will delay Brexit until February 2020 if Prime Minister Boris Johnson is unable to get his deal past parliament this week.
Goldman Sachs lowers 'no deal' Brexit probability to 5% from 10%
Goldman Sachs said on Sunday that it lowered the probability of a no-deal Brexit to 5% from 10% after the British parliament withheld its approval until formal ratification legislation is passed.
Exclusive: Ireland's Orange Order discourages protests over Brexit deal
The head of Northern Ireland's influential Orange Order said on Sunday unionists in the province should avoid staging violent protests over British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal despite feeling that they had been let down.