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world (nay, the universe) is a weird, wacky, fascinating place. If you're looking for a few (or more than a few) bits of random trivia to share with your friends or just boost...

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is a compound word derived from the two Ancient Greek words “Astro” meaning “star” and “naut” meaning “sailor”. So astronaut literally means “star sailor”. The flashes of colored light you see when you rub your eyes are called “phosphenes”. At birth..

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This is known as The Crow Paradox. The oldest “your mom” joke was discovered on a 3,500-year-old Babylonian tablet. The tablet was discovered during an archaeological dig in Iraq in 1976 but has unfortunately been lost since. Fortunately, the tablet..

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Hugo’s novel Les Miserable contains a sentence that is 823 words long. [10] Alexander the Great was the first person to be pictured on a coin. [29] FDR’s portrait was on the dime because of his association with the March of Dimes charity. [29] The s..

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presidents, all Founding Fathers—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe—died on July 4. Presidents Adams and Jefferson also died the same year, 1826; President Monroe...

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great for breaking the ice, impressing a date, and winning a pub quiz. But there's you don't have to have a use for this little tidbits of mind-blowing information to make knowing them worthwhile. Just reading these totally random facts about scienc..

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mole can dig a tunnel that is 300 feet long in only one night. 28. A hippo’s wide-open mouth is big enough to fit a 4-foot-tall child in. 29. Chewing gum while you cut an onion will help keep you from crying. 30. If you were to stretch a Slinky out ..

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instant antidote for the day-to-day doldrums. Nothing stokes your fire like curiosity! And that's not all: research shows that learning new things provides a positive boost to your brain, and can even increase your overall happiness and well-being. ..

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and more than 7.8 billion people (plus plants, animals, and other organisms), the world is full of interesting, fun, and fascinating facts. In the land of the Kiwis, for instance, you'll find the highest concentration of pet owners on the planet.

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fun facts 100 interesting facts 100 random facts 101 facts a fun fact a side to you that i never knew all the things we never knew amaz8ng facts amazed by u amazing 100 amazing chemistry facts you never knew amazing facts amazing facts about montana..

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70, humans lose an average of 105 pounds of skin. [23] Listening to your favorite music for just 15 minutes a day lowers stress levels, anxiety, sadness, and a depressed mood. [38] To make one pound of honey, honey bees must gather nectar from nearl..

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Facts; 50 MOST INTERESTING UNKNOWN FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW: 1. Hot water will turn into ice faster than cold water. 2. The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. 3. The sentence, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the English langu..

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two things: (1) interesting enough to ensure nobody makes you do it over, and (2) not so interesting that everyone has lots of follow-up questions. It doesn't have to be fun. It will rarely be fun. You just need something to say.

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a “dancing plague” took over the town of Strasbourg, France. 11. People wore fake moles (or "beauty patches") made of velvet, silk, or mouse skin in the 18th century as a fashion ...

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about GK and current affairs which happen on the daily basis but there are also some interesting GK facts that we are not aware of. These general knowledge facts are creatively compiled to make you learn about the world around you: 1. Elephants are ..

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Benjamin Lay temporarily kidnapped the child of a slave-owner to show him what it feels like when your relatives are sold overseas. Sharks can grow up to 50,000 teeth in their lifetime. There are approximately 100,000 hairs on an average human head...

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Facts Ever. Kyle Russell. 2013-07-13T00:05:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. ...

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the Human Body The largest bone in the human body is the femur. It can support 30 times the weight of a person's body. Ounce for ounce, that's stronger than steel.

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(ə)lˌju/ /ti/ /ef/ • /fʌn/ • /fækt/) 1. noun A random, interesting, and overall fun fact that makes you scratch your head and think what the... July 12, 2021 The Australian Bassian thrush farts in order to startle earthworms into moving.

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Animal Facts. 1. Polar bear fur is actually clear, and their skin is black. 2. Baby flamingos are born grey, not pink. 3. A woodpecker's tongue actually wraps all the way around its brain, protecting it from damage when it's hammering into a tree. 4..

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of the Day Norway introduced salmon sushi to the Japanese - Source Sloths are three times faster in water than on land and can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.

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have been performing dentistry since 7000BC, which makes dentists one of the oldest professions. 2.

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maybe you need some random and fun trivia in your lives to fill the quizzing gap. Perfect for pulling out at your next dinner party. 25 of the best random facts . Avocados ...

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and Technology. The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and the chocolate bar in his pocket melted. 23% of all photocopier faults world-wide are caused by people sitting on them and photocopying their butts. "Stewardesse..

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You Probably don't Know. by Stephen. on March 1, 2013. 1. A snail can sleep for three years. 2. All polar bears are left handed. 3. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky. 4. Hydra - an aquatic creature is the only living creat..

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Canada 4. In Churchill Manitoba Nobody Locks Their Doors - In the far north town of Churchill, Manitoba nobody locks their doors to their house or cars in case of a polar bear attack. Churchill is located in the center of Polar Bear Alley and polar ..

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page of interesting fun and cool facts for kids. We have a collection of awesome facts on various subjects. These topics will provide kids, as well as adults plenty of enjoyment. Choose from the many odd topics covering everything from microbes to t..

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Cloud Computing. 01, Jan 20. Dark Web Analytics and Interesting Facts Behind its Anonymity. 11, Feb 20. Interesting Facts about WINDOWS. 30, May 20. Interesting Facts About Andriod. 10, Jun 20. Rethinking binary with Quantum computers. 27, Jun 18. W..

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India. India never invaded any country in her last 100000 years of history. When many cultures were only nomadic forest dwellers over 5000 years ago, Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu Valley (Indus Valley Civilization) The name 'India' ..

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of fun and interesting science facts. When you crack a whip, it makes a sharp sound because the tip of the whip is traveling faster than the speed of sound. It is a sort of mini sonic boom!