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Texture. Create a Night Sky Photoshop Tutorial. How to Create a Copper Photoshop Text Effect. Photoshop Tutorial - Fabric Folds. Glass texture. Transform a Boring Piece of Wood. Marble Texture. Wave texture background. Creating a Mac-Type Background..

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to Create Beautiful Compositions. This tutorial shows how to use texture to compliment a beautiful design. Add a beautiful texture in the background, add different shape layers, and customize those shape layers to create a picture with stunning comp..

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have done various textures in photoshop with a variety of techniques like using filters and applying an adjustment to achieve a realistic texture. This article has created textures of concrete, jeans, old paper, plastic, rock, rusted metal, water, a..

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Tutorials. HOME » Tutorials » 20 Free Texture Photoshop Tutorials. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Share. Textures are amazing items that can be easily added to give a different look to your pictures. You will learn how to manage different textures and c..

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68866. 2/18/2011 2:02:16 AM. 2/18/2018 12:00:00 AM. These amazing Photoshop textures are made entirely from scratch. This is a mixed list with all kind of textures created in Photoshop. You can learn how to create paper texture, wooden texture, meta..

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the last filter: Craquelure. Set the Spacing to 20, Depth to 4, Brightness to 9, and then change the Blend Mode of the Smart Filter to Multiply and the Opacity to 35%. Here's our canvas texture. As you can see, it looks pretty boring without shadows..

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we'll check out a clever technique for replacing an entire image with a set of hand-built collage textures. Using blending modes to "green screen" textures into an image, this approach creates a totally adjustable live effect. Textures used in this ..

Free textures and tutorials for Photoshop and more!


Layer: Exported from Photoshop with Blend-if settings listed in Photoshop instructions above, or download the PSD using the Texturelabs link above 9) Adjustment Layer: Apply Color LUT Effect with GrungyChrome LUT (download link above) 10) Texturelab..

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will learn to create old, aged paper texture in Photoshop. The tutorial uses different filters and blend modes to reach the final output. View Tutorial. Create a Curved Wood Presentation Background in Photoshop. This tutorial will show how you can t..

30+ Excellent Photoshop Textures and Backgrounds Tutorials


to Create Beautiful Compositions. This tutorial shows how to use texture to compliment a beautiful design. Add a beautiful texture in the background, add different shape layers, and customize those shape layers to create a picture with stunning comp..

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using textures with this tutorial. 5# Denim Texture Tutorial. Denim is a popular textured background for websites, mobile apps, and print marketing, but many of the denim texture tutorials out there seem to miss the boat when it comes to realism. Th..

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Layer and clip it to the skin color Layer. Grab the Rectangular Marquee Tool and create a selection around the part of the arm that you want to add texture to. Once the selection is active, go to Edit, then to Fill, and fill that area with 50% gray...

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is complete, but it doesn't look realistic because of a lack of lighting. If you are using this tutorial to create a texture for a 3D modeling software, you can now import this texture to your software and let your 3D modeling software handle the li..

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Menu and choose the Subject option. This will create a rough selection of the subject in the photo. Make the texture layer visible, and then, with the subject selection still active, add a Layer Mask to the texture layer. Select the Layer Mask icon ..

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Tutorial. In this tutorial, we are going to make a realistic paper texture from scratch in Adobe Photoshop. Let's start by creating a new document in Photoshop. Go to File > New to open the new document dialog box. Let's assume we are creating this ..

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in Photoshop with different blending options; Tutorial Assets. You will need the following in order to complete this texture overlay Photoshop tutorial: Texture; Photo (original no longer available; try this alternative) 1. How to Prepare the Docume..

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frame. Use the Pen tool to make any shape into a frame. Trace the part of the letter you want to use as its own frame. When your selection is complete, right-click on the new shape layer in the Layers panel and choose Convert to Frame. Then, fill it..

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Beth Morgan who teaches Illustration for Motion will show you a texturing technique that she uses all the time on client work and personal projects. It doesn't require any third-party tools, just plain ol' Photoshop. By the end of this lesson, you'l..

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Pattern and scale it to 35%. Set the Fill of the Pattern Layer to 0%. This is how the texture looks so far: Right click on the Pattern Layer and choose Convert to Smart Object. I want to distort a little the straight lines so that the texture to loo..

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Photoshop, create a 1020x1020 pixel document with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch and colour mode set to RGB. With the Color Picker, set the foreground colour to a hex value of #B0C6CE. Click on the Paint Bucket tool and fill the background layer..

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will learn three different ways to achieve a metallic texture using Adobe Photoshop. 1. Achieving Metal Texture for Background Using Photoshop: An easy and often used technique to create metal texture using Photoshop, it consists of 6 easy steps, wh..

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seamlessly tileable in vertical direction. To make the texture also in y-dimension seamlessly tileable, we select a small area in the upper part of the image, and merge a mirrored copy of it with the background. Therefore select a area over the comp..

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of Gold and Silver textures by SparkleStock. These Photoshop styles let you add gold/silver/rose-gold textures to your layer in one click. They're a great way to make text look fancy without doing much. Free Download: 5 Distressed Paint Overlays for..

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this fabric texture photoshop tutorial. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive a notification every single time we send out a new video or a blog post. Ninety-nine percent of the time those videos and blog posts also come with a little ..

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help you in creating stunning text effects. 32 Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials for Beginners. All these Photoshop text effect tutorials will keep you updated on the latest trends and techniques. In our compilation will be no typical, outdated effec..