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Q.What is 13TABS? A. 13TABS is the Indian search engine that respects your privacy and helps to prevent the spread of fake news. At 13TABS, we do not collect your personal information, search history, or browsing behaviour.

Q.How does 13TABS work? A. At 13TABS, we maintain our own database, which means we crawl the internet and have our own web-index. When you search the web, our algorithms first try to understand the search query and then find the most relevant information using this web-index. We also have hundreds of data partners across the globe, but we do not share your personal information like name, age, gender, location, device, search history, and browsing behaviour with our partners.

Q.What is Prism? A. Prism is a feature of 13TABS that categorises the search results into different categories. This not only makes the result more relevant, but it also allows the user access to all the data from all the different categories for the same search topic. Prism will soon be here!

Q.Why do we need digital privacy? A. Digital privacy helps ensure those who steal or misuse your data are held accountable. It helps maintain social boundaries, prevents discrimination, and protects freedom of speech and thought. Without digital privacy, the internet becomes a less secure environment in which all of your actions and personal information are visible to anybody. At 13TABS, we believe that privacy is your right.

Q.What tech companies do with your personal data? A. Your personal data is sold to advertisers and data brokers through Real Time Bidding, an opaque system of data collection and sharing that enables profiling and surveillance. Some tech companies use this data in political campaigns to manipulate voters and rig elections. Your data has tremendous value. Imagine the consequences of having your personal information sold on the dark web.

Q.How does 13TABS help prevent the spread of fake-news? A. Fake-news is one of the leading problems in the digital space, and most of the time it leads to serious law and order issues. 13TABS is the only search engine that has an automated fact-finding tool that helps to locate facts about trending news and social media posts. When you provide a keyword, our algorithms will return links to online pages that debunk falsehoods about the entered keywords.

Q.How to add 13TABS in Mozilla Firefox browser? A. Please follow the instructions in this link to add 13TABS in Mozilla Firefox browser.

Q.How to add 13TABS in Chrome browser? A. Please follow the instructions in this link to add 13TABS in the chrome browser.

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