Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is 13TABS ?
  2. 13TABS is a web search engine that does not track and store personal information of its users. It also helps to stop the spread of fake NEWS & misinformation.
  3. What is Scatter ?
  4. Scatter is a feature of 13TABS that categorises the search results into different categories. This not only gives relevance to the result rather provides user access to all the information across categories for the same search subject. At present Scatter is not available for use.
  5. What is fact-check on 13TABS result page ?
  6. Misinformation is one of the biggest threats our society is facing. So 13TABS has provided a Fact-check tool integrated with its result page that let its users fact-check any news available to them.
  7. What is 'safe mode' ?
  8. At 13TABS, we support your internet privacy and develope different ways to protect it from third party trackers. Results on the 13TABS result page comes with a 'safe mode' button. When you click on it, the web result will open in an environment where third part trackers won't work. Please note that some websites do not support this restricted environment and thus may not work/open.
  9. How to add 13TABS in Mozilla Firefox browser ?
  10. Please follow the instructions in this link to add 13TABS in Mozilla Firefox browser.
  11. How to add 13TABS in Chrome browser ?
  12. Please follow the instructions in this link to add 13TABS in the chrome browser.

If you have any queries or suggestion, feel free to contact us.