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Are Asia's Covid 'winners' entering shaky new territory?

BBC News
The countries that were best at keeping Covid at bay are now struggling with their exit strategies.

Tokyo 2020: State of emergency to be lifted in Japan's capital

BBC News
The state of emergency in Tokyo is to be lifted, five weeks before the start of the Olympic Games.

Afghan translators land in US, say US leaving others behind who face death threats from Taliban

Cheers erupted at Dulles International Airport outside Washington D.C. as an Afghan combat translator, his wife and four young children arrived at the baggage carousel after a harrowing three and a half year wait for a Special Immigrant Visa after risking his life working for the U.S. military and facing deat..

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: Al Qaeda could regroup in Afghanistan in 2 years

An extremist group like Al Qaeda may be able to regenerate in Afghanistan and pose a threat to the U.S. homeland within two years of the American military’s withdrawal from the country, the Pentagon’s top leaders said Thursday.

CBSE to declare class 12th results by July 31

Asian Age
The 13-member panel submitted its report after the board examinations were declared cancelled

US CDC classifies Delta variant as 'variant of concern'

Asian Age
Previously, the CDC had considered the Delta variant to be a variant of interest

Best Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals on home office products

Amazon Prime Day offers great discounts on home office products that will help make your workday better.

When accurate data produces false information

It's important to look beyond data at face value because sometimes that can be misleading, said astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, speaking at a Collibra conference Thursday.