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Typhoon Goni: Philippines braced for year's most powerful storm

Torrential rain and 215kph winds are expected to hit the main island of Luzon on Sunday.

Far from home, Rohingya refugees face a new peril on a remote island

Bangladesh has begun relocating hundreds of refugees to a small remote island, against their will.

RIP Google Play Music, Gone Too Soon

The company's music service, which was born in 2011 and shut down last week, shall live forever in our hearts.

Neck-Deep in Stress? Try This Heated Massager

TruMedic’s latest massager contains two sets of rotating balls that simulate the kneading motion of human hands.

You can now ask Alexa to play podcasts on Spotify

California [USA], Dec 13 (ANI): Spotify free and Premium users will now be able to ask Amazon Alexa to play podcasts of their choice.

Citrix Workspace gets new features to help employees focus more

Florida [USA], Dec 13 (ANI): In a typical day, employees get about 1.2 hours of uninterrupted time to focus on value-creating work. To enable increased productivity, Citrix has added a number of features within its Citrix Workspace including an intelligent feed and personalised workflows.

'Ghus ke maara': Pak minister brags about Pulwama attack

"We hit India by entering inside. Our achievement in Pulwama is the achievement of the entire community under the leadership of Imran Khan. You all also have credit (for it), Chaudhry told the National Assembly on Thursday.

'No pressure' on Pak to release Abhinandan: FO

Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said on Thursday that "there was no pressure on Pakistan at all regarding the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan."

Black Friday 2020: The best deals on smartphones, headphones, and more

The holiday shopping season is approaching and many retailers will be participating in Black Friday sales. This guide can help you figure out where and how to shop to find the best bargains.

World Economic Forum and GBBC launch comprehensive effort to survey global blockchain standards

The Global Standards Mapping Initiative will catalog outputs from more than 30 technical standards-setting entities, 185 jurisdictions, and almost 400 industry groups.

একদিনে ফের ৪ হাজারের উপর করোনামুক্ত, ঘুরে দাঁড়াচ্ছে বাংলা

গত দু-দিনে রাজ্যে আট হাজারের উপর করোনা আক্রান্ত সুস্থ হয়ে উঠেছেন। যা আগে কখনও হয়নি। ফলে, অ্যাক্টিভ আক্রান্তের সংখ্যাও আবার কমতে শুরু করেছে। বেড়েছে সুস্থতার হারও। কিন্তু, দৈনিক সংক্রমণ এখনও চার হাজারের আশপাশে ঘোরাফেরা করছে।

নড্ডার সফর বাতিল, ৫ নভেম্বরে রাজ্যে আসছেন অমিত শাহ

বিজেপির সর্বভারতীয় সভাপতি জেপি নড্ডার পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সফরে আসার কথা থাকলেও তিনি আপাতত আসছেন না। রাজ্যে বিধানসভা ভোটের আগে সাংগঠনিক প্রস্তুতি খতিয়ে দেখতে আসছেন অমিত শাহ।