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'ভোটের আগেই গোটা তৃণমূল ভেঙে যাবে', তালিকা রয়েছে দিলীর ঘোষের হাতে!

বিধানসভা ভোটের আগেই গোটা তৃণমূল কংগ্রেস দলটাই ভেঙে যাবে বলে দাবি করলেন বিজেপির রাজ্য সভাপতি দিলীপ ঘোষ। তাঁর কাছে তালিকা রয়েছে বলেও এদিন কলকাতায় দাবি করেন দিলীপ।

শুভেন্দুকে 'বড়' ধাক্কা, বিজেপি থেকে ফের তৃণমূলে ফিরলেন অধিকারীর আস্থাভাজন নেতা!

মাস দুয়েক আগে বিজেপিতে গিয়েছিলেন। কিন্তু আবার তৃণমূলে ফিরে এলেন পূর্ব মেদিনীপুরে শুভেন্দু অধিকারীর আস্থাভাজন বলে পরিচিত নেতা সিরাজ খান। এদিন কলকাতায় তৃণমূলে যোগ দেন তিনি।

Covid: Australian Open players frustrated by hotel isolation

Dozens of top players are confined to hotel rooms, as people on three flights to the event test positive.

Coronavirus vaccine: India begins world's biggest drive

Health and frontline workers are first in line for jabs at vaccination centres across the country.

The US Government Needs to Invest in Digital Design

Our nation’s failure to invest in information technology has severely limited our Covid response. A federal chief experience officer could change that.

17 Bags, Backpacks, Cubes, and Straps to Protect Your Camera

There are dozens of ways to tote around your photo and video gear. We’ve reviewed our favorites.

You can now ask Alexa to play podcasts on Spotify

California [USA], Dec 13 (ANI): Spotify free and Premium users will now be able to ask Amazon Alexa to play podcasts of their choice.

Citrix Workspace gets new features to help employees focus more

Florida [USA], Dec 13 (ANI): In a typical day, employees get about 1.2 hours of uninterrupted time to focus on value-creating work. To enable increased productivity, Citrix has added a number of features within its Citrix Workspace including an intelligent feed and personalised workflows.

China, not Pakistan, is now India's Enemy No 1

Until last month more than two-thirds of the Indian Army was deployed against Pakistan.

300-400 Pak-trained terrorists ready to cross LoC: Army chief

In his speech during the Army day parade, he also said that there has been 44 per cent increase in ceasefire violations that reflects Pakistan's sinister design.